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A weekly wall planner designed for busy households!
How It Began

When the COVID-19 quarantine hit in Spring 2020, my husband and I were both working full time and also keeping track of our daughter's remote learning schedule -- not to mention coordinating all 3 meals throughout the day, plus making sure we were taking time to move our bodies, spend some time outside, and enjoy some screen-free family time together. It was a lot to keep track of!

At first, my husband and I would coordinate everything between the two of us, but we soon realized we were (accidentally) leaving our daughter out of the loop. And, as a result, she would feel like plans were always getting "sprung" on her at the last minute. That can be very stressful for children.

So, I put my working mom & command central super powers to work and - voila! - Our Weekly Plan was born!

It gives you one place to track everyone's activities, coordinate plans, delegate household responsibilities, and so much more. It's so incredibly helpful -- and it's FUN!    

- Anne Bauer, Momentum Founder & Certified Life Coach

Take a closer look

Lots of space to track & coordinate busy schedules, delegate chores, plan meals, snacks, & activities -- plus a tear-away grocery list!

Get everyone on the same page. Literally.

One big beautiful weekly page to coordinate schedules, meals, snacks, activities, goals & intentions – plus a tear-away grocery list! 


Our Weekly Plan wall planner includes:


     •  12 weekly planning pages printed with plant-based ink on high quality paper

     •  Sturdy wire binding construction 

     •  A wire hanger loop -- making it easy to hang nearly anywhere!


Made with love in the USA.

Our Weekly Plan
The weekly wall planner for busy households.
Anne Bauer is the Founder of Momentum & Our Weekly Plan

A certified life coach, working mom, & paper planner enthusiast, Anne helps busy women experience more peace & flow in their lives by creating more space in their day. Learn more about working with Anne.

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